DPF / Cherry

For women who aren’t like this, the so many I’ve known, from Poetryfoundation.org. I heard this on the treadmill this morning while listening to a Poetry podcast. The rest of the poem is here:

from Their Pleas / by Kelly Cherry, b. Louisiana

a woman with a bulletproof  heart,
without a memory of life on earth.

DPF / Wier

Another funeral day. Today, a best friend long disconnected and the 10-year-old-part-sheepdog dog he left behind. And so, we welcome Daisy into our home and hope she finds some peace and comfort here among old friends, new children, all new to her.  

from “Who is God? So Asked Our Dog” / by Dara Wier b. 1949

How many seasons are there?
Where was God born?
How many stars?