DPF / Jarrell

For the last day of National Poetry Month, from Poem A Day, Vol 2. So sad to see you go.

from A Sick Child / by Randall Jarrell (1914-1965)

I say, ” Well, thank you very much. Good-bye.”


DPF / Anonymous (Catalan)

For that bad dream I had last night with its own burial scene, from Selected Translations, by WS Merwin.

from The Corpse-Keeper / by Anonymous, Catalan, post-Renaissance

I change the shirt on him
Every holiday of the year.
I have anointed his face
With roses and white wine.

DPF / Jackson

For café con leche, from the Academy of American Poets. The rest of the poem is here:

from Spain, for Mark Strand / by Major Jackson

Yet Guernica is down the street, and some windshields
wear a sinister face, sometimes two. Think Goya.