DPF / Glowney

For maps, from Crab Orchard Review, Summer / Fall 2014.

from Map Making / by John Glowney

Geography is blue mostly. Serene sheet,

azure mirror


DPF / Fairchild

For basketball, from Poetry 180, edited by Billy Collins.

from Old Men Playing Basketball / by B.H. Fairchild b. 1942

A glass wand
of autumn light breaks over the backboard.

DPF / Gervitz

For mothers and grandmothers, from Mouth to Mouth, Poems by Twelve Contemporary Mexican Women.

Shajarit / by Gloria Gervitz b. 1943

In the migrations of red carnations, where the songs of the long-billed birds
break and the apples rot, before the disaster

DPF / Zucker

For Earth, from american poets, The Journal of the Academy of American Poets, Spring-Summer 2014. More about the poet here:

from Wish You Were Here You Are / by Rachel Zucker b. 1971

he’s 11 & in between 2 kinds of time on the verge
of worlds